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Do you have a website but finding it ineffective in attracting traffic and/ or driving leads? Do you feel uninspired and can’t face writing yet another blog post you feel no one will look at it?

At the core of most content problems is having a clear understanding of your potential audience and their needs.  Often businesses are understandably eager to push their sales messages, their products and /or their expertise but they forget their audience altogether. No wonder these sites generate little interest – is your site like this?

Look at the feeds of many business Twitter accounts – buy this product, here’s our latest sale, come stay with us, eat at our restaurant – push, push, push. Is it any surprise they get very few followers, retweets or likes. They’re simply wasting their time.

We are living in an age where advertising agencies are struggling. Savvy media users are applying banner ad blockers to their computers and fast forwarding recorded TV programmes to avoid the ads. More strategic thinking is needed.

Content marketing is a relatively new contribution to marketing that website owners wishing to grow their customer base should set about understanding. A must do first step is to check out the Content Marketing Institute and devour their articles, one by one. You’ll learn a great deal and if you have time listen to their podcasts too – This Old Marketing is one of my favourites.

Get in touch if you would find it helpful for me to analyse your website/ social media channels and give you some insights on creating content that will grow your reputation and enhance your sales. Be warned this is not an overnight process but those companies and organisations that consistently add value to their customers lives will succeed.

We’ve moved from a product centric to a customer centric world. I can help you make that transformation so let’s talk.

Website Design

Below you find some estimates for website designs by Social Ryedale. Of course every site is different, some may require a simple build while others will need substantial content development therefore this can only be a rough guide. Do get in touch for an informal chat about your requirements.

Planning Meeting
Rounds of Revisions
No of pages
Blog Section
Mobile Friendly
SEO Optimisation
Annual Managed Hosting
Option A
1 hour
1 hour
Yes for initial 12 months (thereafter £90pa + VAT)
Option B
2 hours
2 hours
Yes for initial 12 months (thereafter £90pa + VAT)
Option C
3 hours
3 hours
Yes for initial 12 months (thereafter £90pa + VAT)

The prices above are all base prices. If you’d like to do more customisation beyond the services above, for example e commerce or members only areas, I’ll be happy to quote for that.


Design mock-ups: I’ll mock up two versions of a design to choose from based on our initial discussions. Once we have signed off on these mock-ups, I’ll build the site in WordPress. Changes beyond the mockups are then beyond the scope of the initial agreement and will incur additional fees.
Revisions: I can revise mock-ups in discussion to arrive at the happy medium between design, function and usability.
Responsive design: the site will function on all devices – tablet, phone and desktops. Please note that the site’s design will not look the same on all devices, but the goal is to have a consistent and efficient visitor experience.

I will work closely with you to build a beautiful, professional, smart, functionally optimised site that you can update yourself and works well on mobile devices.

Canvas by Woo Themes will almost certainly be used for your site and will be customised to meet your needs. Unlike many other website designers who start every new site from scratch I believe that to be too expensive and to be honest a waste of time. Using Canvas enables me to keep these prices competitive. Check out my portfolio and do contact me with any questions you may have.

Every site will include the following:

WordPress Content Management System installation and configuration
Latest version installed
1 or more users
Theme installation
Plugins: the “apps” of WordPress, how to make it do more including:
Yoast SEO
Social media
SEO: each site is SEO Ready for your titles, keywords, and descriptions (please note that Ready does not mean optimised)

Site hosting – most of the sites I design are hosted by a York based company Infinite Mix. You may of course use your own hosting service if you prefer. If you do not have an existing domain name for your site then you can register that with any of the popular services – Social Ryedale do not own any domains other than our own sites.


I have undertaken a range of blog writing for clients and am happy to provide examples and quote accordingly.